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Title: Plus,,,,  9/30/2014 12:44:54 PM
Another great feature is that it's located next to sprouts, and across from Wheatsville - not any where near a HEB!!!! Perfect day or evening - solo, with a date or friends.
Title: Houston loves Hunan's Lion!!!!  9/30/2014 11:19:56 AM
Finally found a beautifully dressed and spiced restaurant in this little Honky Tonk Austin. Ugh finally....the duddly do-rights were quiet, the staff was just the way Houston does it-delicious! I know I'm going to get crap for this but hey, this downHtown restaurant adventurer will recommend this best place to dine-I was in zen heaven. Best advertising is "old school word of mouth", i will drop this name HL to everyone I meet, met or know in or out of Austin! And they will prepare their meals w/out MSG!!!! Yep, so worth; every bite, ambiance, and sound-peace. Ahhhh-finally,
Title:   2023/1/21 15:42:52
A nutrition/allergen menu would be nice! I can’t find one anywhere. There’s not even a description of each dish on the menus to let you know what’s them. 🙄
Title:   2020/7/31 16:24:00
Everything I ordered was great except shrimp spring roll not good please check out please
Title:   2020/11/1 16:50:40
I placed an order there about 2 hours ago and had dinner in my car. It was Cold and covered in onions/very little chicken. I have never eaten here before and money is tight!! I am now ordering food at Popeyes chicken because I couldn’t even eat my dish. Very upset!!
Title:   2019/7/4 15:14:39
I am trying to call you to order some food. Your phone does not seem to be working
Title:   2018/6/27 17:13:54
We have really enjoyef our visits to the Hunan Lion but today none of the normal staff was working. My husband received a meal that he did not order. Everyone heard him order a different meal. I explained to the waitress that he does not eat fried food. She said well its good for him to try new foods! We will not be back.
Title:   2017/11/22 19:32:03
Title:   2015-07-16T18:57:37.119-07:00
you guys did not include my egg roll with the delivery order -- sooo frustrating
Title:   2015-03-20T16:46:17.180-07:00
So not bother using any of the online ordering options. Order a ton of food for everyone; received confirmation email. Call one hour later and they do not have my order at all. Waste of time; we will just go out for burgers! Thanks for nothing Hunan lion!
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