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Title:   2013-09-07T17:50:33.115-07:00
2 soups are hot-and-sour. Egg rolls are 2 beef and 2 veggie.
Title: a  2/9/2014 12:14:42 PM
I have been looking forever for a place that delivers good chinese food near my place, so I was very excited to see their menu in my mailbox. However, when i ordered online, it said i live 5 miles away so i must have a subtotal of $40. $40!?!? Okay for families, but I am one person and normally people order delivery for one because they do not want to go out and eat alone at a restaurant. I did not place the order. Another time I was starving for chinese food, I decided I could try delivery again. This time it said i lived 6.2 miles away and I needed a subtotal of $50! How did my house get 1.2 miles further away? honestly that is way too high of a price for me for chinese delivery, but I suppose its business ....super disappointing......
Title:   2/21/2013 4:33:00 AM
The Best Chinese Food I've found in Austin.If your looking for great Chinese Food then this is the place!The staff is extremely nice and the food is outstanding.
Title:   2/2/2013 6:55:00 AM
The Food is Awesome!!Its under New management now. The food before wasn't so good. I love going there its close to my work place and they are sooooo friendly welcome me makes me feel at home. If I place a phone order my food is ready in 10 minutes. The only thing is when I order a Lunch special which runs about 6.75 and up It comes with fried rich or steam rice. The fried rice tasted like it was already been prepared hours ago wasn't fresh at all.. If I order a full plate dinner like a combination pork, chicken and shrimp fried rice for 8.50 plus tax ...its always Hot & fresh . It would be great to get fresh fried rice even though its a lunch special . Other then that ...My friend and I agree any order we purchase is always good.
Title:   2/13/2013 5:42:00 PM
I have been going to Hunan Lion for years now. I have seen it go thru various owners/chefs. My girlfriend's review when she was the restaurant critic for the Austin American Statesman in the 80's is still displayed in a framed window display as you enter the restaurant. This review hardly reflects its current status and is outdated.While I thought the new menu was clever where one can choose the sauce and protein to create one's own lunch, I recently had a huge disappointment. It wasn't in the food which is good nor the service which has also been good. It was the manager's reaction when I found a piece of a shiny metal shaving at the bottom of my wonton soup.The waitress appeared mortified and greatly apologized stating she would tell the manager. I saw her talk to him on the floor and he looked directly at me without any acknowledgement, never came by my table to apologize nor offer to compliment my meal. As a result, while I have been going once or twice a week for lunch all these years, I will never go back and am tempted to write a letter to the owners about this lack of concern for one's customers.
Title:   2/10/2013 8:28:00 AM
I am not one to care for chinese food unless its quality. I have lived in South Austin for 12 years and the food is crap.I roll my eyes every time my husband says lets get chinese takeout. Until I discovered Chinatown purchased Hunan Lion just yesterday.I ordered delivery and think the food is better than ever. I've been going on dates with my husband since the age of 15 here. We are talking 15 years of memories with this staff and it's cuisine.Today I got a surprise when Eddie himself delivered the food. We greeted each other with a hug. I am forever loyal to him, his staff and chefs. I can't wait to tell everybody. He shuts it down with the Honey Chicken or the Mongolian Beef. Our favorite of all time.
Title:   12/22/2012 3:30:00 PM
Hunan Lion is getting better and better as the new owner took over. The staff seems to really care about the customers and happy working there. With constant upgrades to the interior every time i visit, it is gotten such a nice ambience now and still they are still continue to improve! The menu is keeping at the really reasonable price while all these investments are made to make the experience more enjoyable.And there is great delivery service you can order directly on hunan lion's new website.The food is tasty and we will keep going to this place for sure for pleasant dinners or convenient take outs!
Title: christmas day  12/19/2014 8:17:47 PM
Are you open if so what hours?
Title: VERY VERY DISSATISFIED  12/19/2013 5:48:51 PM
I just picked up a to-go order and paid for it. I ordered two orders of General Tso's and one order of Lemon Chicken, and dumplings. When I got home, part of the order is not here. One of the General Tso's meals is not here. It was a long drive to pick up and get back home. We called and got a total runaround. The person on the phone offered to deliver but we are ready to eat now and the other two meals would be cold. We asked that the credit card be credited but the person kept talking about us getting a credit next time we come. She did not apologize for the mistake. I don't want a credit next time I come in. I want only to pay for the food I got. I feel overcharged and am very dissatisfied and I should not have to come in and tell the server I was overcharged and ask for a credit. I want a credit now. I'm not sure I'll come in again now. I don't feel this is the way to treat frequent customers.
Title:   12/18/2012 8:35:00 AM
Decent food for a decent price. Service is always friendly, if not a tad slow at times. They make up for it in large portions and tasty food.I get take out here frequently and my only critique is that the lamb cuts used in the lamb option is not the freshest I've had. Otherwise, I've enjoyed every meal.
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